SQL Error in a Table Beginning with spx

When an error message refers to a truncation problem with data in a table whose name begins with spx, such as spxSalesLineItem, there is a problem with the length of the user-defined fields. All user-defined fields are placed in tables that have the spx prefix followed by the name of the business object the field is associated with.

The default field length for new user-defined fields is one. If the length of the values entered into the user-defined fields is greater than one, truncation error messages will be displayed in SalesPad.

To fix the problem:

  1. Have all other users log out
  2. Open the User Field Editor (Modules > User Field Editor)
  3. Increase the value of the length field for user defined fields to one that can accommodate all likely values to be entered.
  4. Click Save, Update Database, and Exit
  5. Log back in and attempt the functions that were previously giving you the truncated spx data error

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