Site Name Discrepancy For SalesPad User License

When SalesPad is installed, it attempts to acquire a license from the SalesPad license server and compares the local GP Site Name (where SalesPad is being installed) with the Site Name listed on the SalesPad license server. The two must match in order to acquire a SalesPad license.

If SalesPad will not allow the download of a user license via the internet because of a Site Name discrepancy, you can open Dynamics GP to look up the Site Name and registration keys used for the GP installation.

To do so,

  1. Open the Microsoft Dynamics GP dropdown > Tools > Setup > System > Registration
  2. Enter the system password in the screen that appears
  3. Click OK

The Registration screen appears. The Site Name and registration keys will be visible in the highlighted fields:

The information in the Site Name field should be the same information that was given to SalesPad as your company’s site name.

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