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This depends on what type of payments you will be processing from within SalesPad Mobile GP.

Credit card transactions like auths and charges do require the use of CardControl.

Manual GP Payments and Deposits for credit cards, cash, and check do not require CardControl.

SalesPad Mobile GP currently supports the following Bluetooth printers

  • Zebra iMZ320
  • Zebra iMZ220

We also support any WiFi printers which are advertised as being "AirPrint Compatible".

For a continuous connection with SalesPad Mobile, you will need a static IP address.

Android: 4.0 and above
iPhone/iPad: iOS 8.0 and above

There is a console component installed on a server, where licensing, connections, and security permissions are controlled. There is also the client app, installed on a mobile device, where documents are viewed and managed remotely.

The features listed below are not available in the "Desktop Only" version of SalesPad Mobile.

  • Full Sales Monitor Functionality (Only filters documents by Doc ID instead of Workflow and Queue)
  • Sales Document Forwarding
  • User Defined Fields
  • Customer YTD Tab (View Sales Totals and Summary on a year by year basis)
  • Sales Document Audit Tab

Yes. iPad, iPhone, and Android users can use SalesPad Mobile.

All data transmitted over 3G or 4G is encrypted by the wireless carrier. SSL capabilities over https are included for customers who own certificiates (such as VeriSign, etc.). Plain text encryption is currently not supported, but security can also be achieved by turning off WiFi on your device while using Mobile SalesMonitor.

No. SalesPad Mobile doesn't require SalesPad Desktop. This product can be used independently with Dynamics GP without SalesPad Desktop.

Yes, Historic documents can be viewed on the mobile device from the "Hist" tab on Customer.  Selecting a document here will bring the user the sales document card for the historical document.  Please note that historical documents cannot be edited in any way, and do not appear in Sales Monitor or Sales Document Lookup.

Yes!  SalesPad Mobile GP provides the user with the ability to hide Gross Margin, Cost, A/R and any other sensitive information wherever they appear.

Yes; there are a limited number of security settings in the Console that allow controlling permissions for changing document holds or forwarding sales documents, for example.

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