After October 29, 2019, SalesPad will no longer be supporting CardControl. Additionally, the application will cease to be a PA-DSS validated solution as of this date, and therefore CardControl customers would no longer be PCI compliant. 

Instead, SalesPad Desktop now offers built-in credit card processing via Nodus PayFabric. If you have questions or want more information on our credit card processing services, please contact your sales rep.

After updating CardControl SDK, users may need to generate new API keys.

An easy way to tell if you will need to generate new API keys is to look at the version numbers of CardControl SDK. If the second number in the version number is different from your current version, new API keys will need to be generated. For example, if you upgrade from version 2.0.0 to version 2.1.0.

CardControl supports the BluePay, Vantiv, Authorize.Net, Moneris US, Moneris Canada, First Data E4, 3Delta, and Payflow Pro payment gateways.

After May 31, 2012, credit card processing will no longer be included in SalesPad Desktop as a built-in function. CardControl must be purchased if users wish to process credit card transactions with SalesPad Desktop.

Existing users of SalesPad Desktop (anyone purchasing SalesPad Desktop prior to May 31, 2012) who are current on Enhancement will have until May 1, 2013 to request a version of SalesPad Desktop that is compatible with CardControl. They will be given a license for CardControl and provided a minimum of one year of free Enhancement on CardControl. After one full year, the Enhancement price for CardControl will be added to the users’ annual Enhancement invoice.

Those using Azox or Nodus can continue to use either processor concurrently with SalesPad GP, but these processors will not be compatible with SalesPad GP versions after 4.1.

The biggest advantage of CardControl over built-in credit card processing is that CardControl is PA-DSS certified. PA-DSS certification means added security, and that you can trust that the product supports your business’ efforts to achieve PCI Compliance.

CardControl is PA-DSS certified, which means it follows the requirements and supports the user's goal to become PCI Compliant. It is the responsibility of the user/business to achieve PCI Compliance within their company.

Note: As of version, the 'Disable TLS 1.0' setting must be set to True in order to fulfill PCI requirements. Earlier versions will need to upgrade in order to remain compliant.

CardControl's Data Cleaning utility allows users to purge old and outdated information from the database. It gives the user the ability to remove old/expired credit cards, transactions that are older than a user specifiable date, and historical transaction logs.

CardControl has a Data Migration feature that allows the user to migrate data from a SalesPad GP, SalesPad ERP and/or Dynamics GP 2010 database into the CardControl system. CardControl will not only migrate that data into its database, but it will remove any sensitive information from the old database to ensure that the user’s sensitive information is safe, secure, properly encrypted, and stored in only one central location.

CardControl manages its own customer list, consisting of only customers for which the user has processed credit card transactions. These customers are searchable, and users can locate a customer and change preferences specifically for that customer, such as specifying that a particular customer doesn’t wish to have their credit cards stored after transactions. Users can also delete stored credit cards from a customer’s file.

No. CardControl can be used with SalesPad Desktop, SalesPad ERP, or with Microsoft Dynamics GP alone.

Major credit card processing and card swipe functionality is supported in CardControl. There are a few small functions that are not currently supported in CardControl, but our developers are working on getting them added.

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