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Can I automatically fulfill to un-linked sales lines when receiving inventory?
Can I connect SalesPad Cloud to a QuickBooks Online sandbox account?
Can I do inventory adjustments in SalesPad Cloud?
Can I do sales orders in SalesPad Cloud?
Can I have multiple companies in SalesPad Cloud?
Can I set a required ship date in SalesPad Cloud?
Can I split a document more than once?
Can I split documents in SalesPad Cloud?
Can I track inventory in multiple locations or in multiple bins?
Can SalesPad Cloud be open in multiple windows or tabs?
Can Workflow auto forward documents when the sales lines linked to purchase orders are received?
Contact Method Type
Create a New Company
Customer Class
Customer Type
Do I still need QuickBooks Online if I’m using SalesPad Cloud?
Does SalesPad Cloud have a CRM component?
Does SalesPad Cloud have any user communities?
Does SalesPad Cloud support blanket orders?
Does SalesPad Cloud support manual allocation?
Does SalesPad Cloud support multiple currencies?
Dynamic Grid Reports
Entity Number
Fee Type
File Import History
Getting Started with SalesPad Cloud
Grid Menu Setup
Grid Reports
How do I access SalesPad Cloud from a mobile device?
How do I access the Options screen?
How do I assign a QBO category to an inventory item?
How do I lock my SalesPad POS screen?
How do I set an item as inactive or discontinued?
How do I submit feedback on SalesPad Cloud?
How do I switch companies in SalesPad Cloud?
How do I use the SalesPad Cloud support site?
How Do I Use the SalesPad Cloud Support Site?
How does SalesPad Cloud handle taxes?
How easy is it to find my customers, sales documents, inventory, vendors, etc?
How fast is integration with SalesPad Cloud Barcode?
How is sales tax determined for my SalesPad Cloud subscription?
How long does initial QuickBooks Online integration take?
How often does my QuickBooks Online and SalesPad Cloud data sync?
Importing and Exporting Data from SalesPad Cloud
Integration Dashboard
Interaction Type
Introduction to SalesPad Cloud
Inventory Reconciliation
Inventory Stock Status
Item Class
Logging In, Company Setup, and Settings in SalesPad POS
Manage Organization
Manage Security
Order Entry
Partner Portal
PayFabric Integration
Payment Terms
Price Level
Purchase Order Type
QuickBooks Online Integration
Reason Codes (SalesPad Cloud)
Report Designer
Sales Document Type
Sales Territory
SalesPad Cloud Barcode
SalesPad Cloud Release Notes
SalesPad File Transfer Instructions
SalesPad POS Hardware Assembly Guide
SalesPad POS Release Notes
Shipping Method
Shopify Integration
Slack Integration
Stock Counts
System Settings
Till and Drawer Management
Time Clock
U of M Type
Using HockeyApp
Vendor Class
What do I need in order to use SalesPad Cloud?
What happens when you have multiple workflow rules evaluating the same batch?
What is a Workflow?
What is SalesPad Cloud’s intended purpose?
What is SalesPad POS (SPOS)?
What is the difference between physical inventory and stock count?
Where can I find documentation, tutorials, and other learning materials for SalesPad Cloud?
Where can I find supported accessories for SalesPad Cloud Barcode?
Where is SalesPad Cloud on social media?
Which accounts are used for purchase order receipts?
Who makes SalesPad Cloud?
Why aren’t my customers or items showing up in QBO?
Why aren’t my documents showing up in QBO?
Will there be a mobile component to SalesPad Cloud?

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